OCT 28TH     SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST     2020 A.D.E.

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The Oil Exploration In Okavango Seems To Be Contrary To The General Transition Of The Global Mindset : I.E., Avoiding Oil Exploration As An Energy Source
  • Certainly, The Speculated 33-Billion BBLs Intrigues Venture Capital : RECONAFRICA Understands : Exec Board
  • The Earth Continues To Generate Oil : However : " Globally, we currently consume the equivalent of over 11 billion tonnes of oil from fossil fuels every year. Crude oil reserves are vanishing at a rate of more than 4 billion tonnes a year – so if we carry on as we are, our known oil deposits could run out in just over 53 years.  "
  • Sustainable Energy Resources In Africa Far Exceed The Energy Potential From Oil Resources - And, Biomass Resources Are Relevant To Climate Reset Options
  • BOTSWANA : "Formerly one of the world's poorest countries—with a GDP per capita of about US$70 per year in the late 1960s—Botswana has since transformed itself into an upper middle income country, with one of the world's fastest-growing economies. The economy is dominated by mining, cattle, and tourism"
  • PLASMA Energy Production To Be On Stream By Circa 2035 : TOKAMAK : ITER & NSTX
  • Critical To Stabilizing The Climate Changes Underway Is WHAT TO DO WITH THE PERCOLATING METHANE That Degrades The Ozone 30+ Times Faster Than CO2 (Methane eventually converts to CO2 in The Atmosphere)
  • 70% Of Earth's Oxygen Originates In The Oceans
  • The Majority Of Crude Oil Development / Production Is For Energy
  • Canada Faces A Similar Critical Decision Making Fulcrum To Africa : Natural Resource Development : Oil To Energy
Our Climate Reset Corp Strives To Capture Percolating Methane Before It Transitions Into The Atmosphere.

Africa Is The Primary Global Exploration & Development Target Of The World For The Remainder Of This Century.

It Is Hoped That There Evolves A Global Humankind Consensus About Natural Resources Developments Before 2030.

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Ralph Goodwin : SQYX : Retired Oil Company Person : UNSC Approved Y-2000 Oil Trader : CH4 Pathfinder

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OCT 28TH     SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST     2020 A.D.E.